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Straightbutta14's Sportscards Site

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Best Pack Pulls EVER!!

This section is for the cards I have pulled out of packs. This section is sort of in remembrance of the cards I've had and what i did with them. Kind of like a museum. Enjoy!

2006 SPx Auto Rookie Logo Laurence Maroney RC #1/1
Sold on eBay for $2499

2006 LCM FOTG Cris Carter 2-Color Patch/AU #2/5
Sold on eBay for $183

06 LCM FOTG Barry Sanders/Thurman Thomas #9/10
Traded on TCC

06 SP Gane Used Sidney Crosby RC Dual GU #'d 100
Traded on SCS

06 Topps Co-Signers Gehringer/Herman Dual Cut Auto
Traded on TCC

06 Topps Triple Threads Reggie Bush GU/Auto #'d 99
Traded on TCC

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